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Let’s Talk: January Fun!

hello January

Despite the pandemic keeping us indoors, let’s make sure to see the positives when it comes to having more free time (again) with the people you love the most! We still have a great feeling about 2021 and look forward to some fun times ahead!

This Style article will provide inspiration from ‘how to keep the kiddies entertained’, ‘making homework time fun’ and how to kick start healthy eating regardless of Lockdown 3.0!

Home Time Fun!

mother and child exercising

Wondering how to keep the kiddies entertained now that home schooling has started, and their clubs are cancelled? Create fun spaces for them to learn and let loose – it’s as simple as re-creating their after school clubs in the comfort of their home! This way, they can still have that ‘release’ from a long day of studying at home with mum or dad.

Home Schooling ROCKS: We know what you’re asking yourself: ‘How are we going to get through the day?’ Well, the trick is routine! Have your breakfast together and prep your children for the day ahead. Spellings in the morning, snack breaks and free time in the afternoon to revise or for ‘quiet time’ like reading or writing a creative story… Plus, any resources the school is willing to give you, take them! Whether it’s as simple as a colouring sheet or online sites that they can work through daily.

Making it fun doesn’t have to be a chore either, once children realise that they can learn ANYWHERE, the more they’ll want to! Especially if you’re giving them praise along the way. Noticed that they’ve scored high on a spelling quiz or similar, treat them to something like a takeaway of their choice! We think they’ll love it. Plus, if you need essentials to keep you organised, pop to WHSmith when you’re next at the centre & don’t forget to grab a freshly brewed coffee to go from Express Café too!

Football Club: Set up a goal outside (or indoors if you’re brave enough) and get a soft ball that they can kick about and practice their goals. You could cheer them on from the side or even play 1-on-1 to test their skills! Plus, if you want to keep this up even after lockdown, you could buy cool products from The Works once the store re-opens fully.

Get Arty: Get the paints, glitter, and coloured paper at the ready! Your children can get creative & paint a modern family portrait as part of their at home ‘art class’. Grab bits & bobs from WHSmith as they’re still open for the essentials.

Pamper Party: It’s time for a little TLC, with only 1 rule; ALL must join in. Pop to Superdrug and pick facial packs for parents & sparkly nail polish for the kids to try out. Get the hot chocolate mugs at the ready & enjoy a movie on the sofa as a family to unwind!

Unfortunately, not all our stores are open right now, but if you’re waiting for the centre to re-open fully, you could write a list of everything you’ll need for your ‘at home spa day’ and grab it with ease after Lockdown 3.0 is lifted.

Lunch Together is Always Better!

mother and child cooking

Christmas feasting is over, and we wouldn’t want you to get into a fast-food slump because Lockdown 3.0 has come into play! We want to ensure that you’re well prepared for a healthy 2021… And with a little imagination, you could make delicious lunches that you and your children can enjoy while working from home – ready for your tummy to rumble?

Pop to your local supermarket and grab ingredients (or even new cookware) to get your lunch prepped and tasting fresh.

Try these recipes out for size:

  1. Chicken Wraps! To be honest, you can use any protein you want to fill this yummy wrap, but your kids will love filling it with their five a day. We’d have ours with lettuce, tomato, peppers and a little cheese! YUM.
  2. Tuna Pasta Salad: Tuna (part of your Omega3 intake), lots of fresh veggies like broccoli, beans and sweetcorn, finished with a little penne pasta to keep energy levels up while you’re getting your WFH on. Plus, kids will adore the bright colours that come with this lunch.
  3. Need Something Sweet? Sweet stuff doesn’t have to be all bad… during your lunch break, take the time to make raisin & yoghurt flapjacks. Grab a recipe online and make a treat with the kids to enjoy as an after-home school snack or as ‘dessert’ once dinner is over. *licks lips*

Enjoying Time as a Family: January Edition

mother and child making cupcakes

Been a long week of family meals, zoom meetings and helping with your child’s homework? Enjoy some down time as a family and bring the ‘mad hatter’s’ tea party to your home. Make the dining table or kitchen space whimsical by creating a scrummy tea party where you can all wear wacky hats and crazy clothes! This can all be finished up with your favourite finger sandwiches, tea and loads of mini cupcakes…

While preparing the final touches, let the kids have some fun and help you lay some fresh fruit on the table and get the paper cups & straws at the ready – we know they’ll love feeling involved.

We’re hoping our ideas will inspire you to kick the January blues right in the kahunas! Like we said before, even though some shops are currently closed, be sure to make the most of the time you have at home with loved ones & making some of the ideas above a reality. We’re hoping for a healthy & positive 2021 and we can’t wait to see you at the centre again soon. #ShopSafe #InThisTogether

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