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Happy Times Ahead!

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Yes!! We finally have a little light at the end of the Lockdown tunnel, and we’re now on a countdown for slight normality come April 12th, 2021. If you’re dreaming of summer BBQs with your best friends, music festivals, normal sized weddings (and more!) – you are not alone!

Here’s to the future…

Back to School (again!)

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As of March 8th, many children were lacing up their school shoes and sharpening their pencils ready for their first day at school… for what seemed to be the umpteenth time since last year.

We want to applaud all the parents out there that have survived the last couple of months. We understand that home-schooling is super difficult and trying to spice-up day-to-day activities to keep your littluns’ from going stir crazy is even harder!


Need any extra school essentials? We’d recommend grabbing pens, pencils and more from WHSmith – not to mention cool school lunch boxes, notepads, and even clothes!

We’d like to remind our customers that not all our stores are open at the centre just yet. Please remember to wear a facemask and to keep a safe distance when visiting, to ensure the safety of you and others.

Outdoor Meetups

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From the 22nd of March (fingers crossed) non-essential retail will gradually re-open… From this date, gardening centres will be allowed to re-open their doors too, so if you’re a flower lover, you’ll be happy to hear that you can get back to re-planting your favourite blooms for the Spring season!

PLUS, from March 27th the current ‘stay local’ message will end, and individuals will be allowed to travel anywhere in Wales. We can’t quite believe it either…

Self-contained holiday accommodation will be allowed to open just in time for the Easter Holidays! Although we must remember to #StaySafe wherever we are or travel to, a little Easter break is just what the doctor ordered, wouldn’t you say?

If you want to get ahead of the game, be sure to add a few essentials to your Superdrug online basket or pick them up in-store once they re-open fully. We’re talking local holiday bits like sun lotions, facemasks and hand sanitiser of course!!

Then, April 12th peeks its head around the corner and all the non-essential stores that we’ve missed so much will be opening back up (providing COVID cases remain low). To be honest, we can’t wait to grab a few sweets (or ten) from Mollies. *Wink wink*

These are just a few of the things we can look forward to. Want to learn more? Click here for the full ‘coming out of lockdown’ breakdown.

We’d like to remind our customers that not all our stores are open at the centre just yet. Please remember to wear a facemask and to keep a safe distance when visiting, to ensure the safety of you and others.

Having a Little Hope….

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From April 22nd (if conditions allow), places like gyms, leisure and fitness facilities may be able to re-open. Outdoor attraction and hospitality may be given a fighting chance to come back with a bang. Organised events with 30 people outdoors and 15 permitted to celebrate indoors may also pass the review if the public health situation continues to remain positive and vaccination rates continue to progress!

Although, there will still be many individuals still cautious when it comes to meet-ups or celebrating special events that we once had pencilled in the diary – so here is what we propose… If you’re still unsure when it comes to personal safety, zoom calls, facetime sessions and 2 metre distances are still available for when you want to see your nearest or dearest.

But the most fun part that we’ll be looking forward to (especially those with children…) is… Theme Parks, Zoos and Drive-in Cinemas may be able to open! The excitement of your local park has probably worn off, so now there’s an abundance of options you can choose from come the weekends!

Follow the ‘Restriction Lifted’ Road!

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As the months go on, there’ll be SO much more to look forward to. And even though dates haven’t been specified (yet), we thought we’d give you a little taster of what life may be like once we kick COVID right in the kahunas!

Performances and large events, like festivals will be subject to limits, but those lucky few will be able to enjoy festivals with a smaller capacity. However, we know there’ll be those that don’t feel 100% comfortable about getting back up on the horse, so if you want to enjoy events like these but with only close friends or family members, you can create your very own back garden Glastonbury. We’re talking music, homemade party snacks and lots of cocktails (of course!!) – this way, there’s an option for all! Need those party must-haves to get your party going? Grab all sorts like glow sticks, banners, glitter paint and party props from The Works and WHSmith. Not to mention cool new threads from Peacocks and Newlook!

Obviously, we can’t forget the fun hotels, international leisure and travel will bring back into our lives (once it’s safe to visit them obviously!). We’ll finally be able to spend our hard-earned money on weekends away and short trips to the countryside... And before we know it, we’ll be bumping in nightclubs, dancing together at events and celebrating every life occasion to the fullest! Feel like you want to get ahead of the game when it comes to buying presents for those that are celebrating a special milestone? Pop to Mollies for personalised sweet treat hampers or to your local florist for a beautiful bouquet of blooms.

There are tonnes to look forward to and we’re ecstatic that the future is looking brighter for us all. We look forward to seeing you at the centre soon, just remember to stay safe – lockdown or not!

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